Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 Are you still travelling now and going to work even with pandemic? Trying to get vehicle like taxi that will be easy for you to go to your workplace? No need to worry, now let’s welcome OwtoPhl, a platform wherein drivers/partners sent in their concerns and inquiries wishing for a swift response that will help sustain their livelihood in this time of pandemic.

With this in mind, OWTO has made this three things that we want to experience in commuting possible. They are a new TNC or a RIDE SHARING Company which is made by Filipinos for Filipinos.

We want it fairly priced as we our struggling in balancing our budget as the life is becoming more difficult in this time of crisis.

As they are made by Filipinos, they know the struggles that we face especially in commuting. They have also made their rates lower than their competitors.

It is a venue wherein they give jobs through announcements and that is also widely used for customer service to the riders. They need our help in sending an appeal to Facebook about the restoration of their Facebook page :

You can download OWTO from Google Play and Apple App Store Visit their website for more details.

OWTO: New Ride Sharing Company in the Philippines

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

On the helm of being awarded as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award by the Filipina Women’s Network, CEO and Founding President of Faith in God Ruby Pacis Montalbo Professional and Technical Services Corporation (FIGRPMPTSC) Ruby Canteras Pacis, receives another coveted recognition as one of the 2018 Ambassadors Choice Excellence Awardee honored by the Asia Pacific Council, World Council for Excellence Award Ministry and the ACSR Humanitarian Service Ministry.

These award-governing bodies recognize exemplary practitioners who made significant contributions to their respective fields of expertise. It is divided into three major divisions, namely Asia-Pacific, World Council and lastly, the ACSR Humanitarian Servant Ministry Council.

Among the 300 nominations in the South & East Asia Pacific Region-Philippines, Pacis was also selected as one of the Top 25 recipients of the 2018 Most Outstanding Model Icon for Life Coach, as well as the Outstanding Asian Achiever Icon, Leadership Excellence Business Service Provider and Model Life Coach Practitioner.  Pacis was nominated by Asian Ambassador Dr. Sandy S. Montano.

“When I received the award, my initial reaction was I cried. Because this isn’t about popularity, it’s about how I recognize my Creator for giving me the chance to maximize my skills. It’s also a recognition of the things I’ve done in the past, which I did for the glory of the Lord.” says Pacis.
FIGRPMPTSC is an Independent subcontractor/contractor authorized and registered to provide Business Process Support and Services such as HR Services, Accounting Services, Process Audit Services, Messengerial Services, Hotel and Restaurant Management Services in various industries, Property Housekeeping and Rental Services, and Technical Support and Services.

 “This started as a single proprietorship company in 2003. I only had Php60,000 capital back then. From then on, I had no idea what happened next. It’s really the Lord who provided everything we needed. I just woke up one day and realized, ‘How did this happen? We have our own building and branches all over the country.’ If it’s not for the Lord, I couldn’t have done it by myself” Pacis adds.
FIGRPMPTSC currently holds office in Laguna, Pampanga, NCR and Cebu. It is its sole responsibility to comply with all existing as well as future laws, rules, and regulations pertinent to the employment of top caliber employees.
“Like many others, I faced a lot of challenges when we were just starting. I felt like I was in a bottle because doing a subcontracting business in the Philippines is not easy. I would say some of the players in this industry tend to take advantage of the opportunity to gain more from their employees. What I committed to the Lord is to make this company a cut above the rest and to be a company that will be righteous to its employees. I would say the biggest capitalization I have with FIG is my faith in God. With His will, I can do everything even though it seems impossible to the eyes of the people. I went through a lot of hardships but I would say a lot of these things were beyond my capacity. The Lord is our provider of strength.” says Pacis.
According to Dr. Rev. Bobby Misa Brimon, Chairman of the WCEA and ACS-HSM East Asia Region, it is through these virtues that their organization acknowledged Pacis; “Being an ambassador is about taking the lead in this nation and making herself available not only to her company but also to the people. We are giving this recognition not only for their accomplishments but also because they have their full heart in it. Of course, everybody deserves to be an ambassador with his/her own capacity because of the grace of the Lord.”

CEO and Founding President of Faith in God Ruby Pacis Montalbo Professional and Technical Services Corporation (FIGRPMPTSC) Ruby Canteras Pacis RECEIVES 2018 AMBASSADORS CHOICE EXCELLENCE AWARD

Friday, December 14, 2018

Do you list some factors when you plan buying products or services? How about buying a home for you or with your love ones? Do you have some factors to consider? Buying a home is one of the major financial decisions in most people’s lives. Your lifestyle, personal savings, spending habits are some of the things you need to take into account when considering to take a home loan for your dream house. Hence, the decision to buy a home must be made carefully. 

”The key to simplifying the process of acquiring or buying one’s own house is careful planning. The 1-day home loan decision is intended to further simplify things for our customers as they embark on a very important financial decision towards homeownership,” PSBank Senior Vice President and Marketing Group Head Noel Tuazon said.

3 Things You Need to Consider when Planning to Buy a House

Thursday, December 13, 2018

“Expanding our distribution channels in the country is one of FPG Insurance’s strategic courses to empower and enable consumers towards safety and peace of mind. This partnership with MYEG Philippines will definitely provide a concrete support to contribute towards this goal,” said Ramon Yap Dimacali, FPG Insurance President and CEO.

FPG Insurance, a major player in the non-life insurance industry and leader in motor insurance coverage, inks a partnership agreement with I-Pay MYEG Philippines, Inc., a partnership of two fin-tech companies, I-Pay and MyEG, championing online automation for government services.

 (L-R) MYEG Philippines Chief Technology Officer JC Principe, MYEG Philippines President Ronald Allan Aquino, FPG Insurance Philippines President and CEO Ramon Yap Dimacali, FPG Insurance Philippines Vice President for Channels Marketing Group Michael Del Moral.

FPG Insurance Inks Partnership with I-Pay MYEG Philippines for Accessible Non-Life Insurance

There are many online flat forms that you can purchase your products nowadays; even groceries and clothes they have too. One of these is Zuuki; the newest promising E-Commerce platform which primarily aims to help boost the individual's businesses by optimizing their sales performance through marketing tools. 

Zuuki: The Newest Online Shopping for You and Your Family

Thursday, October 11, 2018

In the urban expanse of Makati City, a nano-township opens up with a new “co-lifestyle” concept, one where you can “co-work, co-play and co-live,” and puts a spotlight on a life of passion, purpose, practicality, and productivity. 

Modern lifestyle inspires one to stay open to ideas, opportunities, and connections. Likewise, making an impact in today’s society often requires collaboration and creativity. Fortunately, there is a place that fosters all the said qualities and is also easily accessible.

Showcases the Ease of ‘co-lifestyle’ Concept by Eton WestEnd Square

Monday, October 1, 2018

Sun Life Asset Management sharing their 2019 Market Outlook and Bright Offerings to the media happening today at Shangri-La Makati City and the good thing is this; they already lower their minimum investment at Php1,000 - that's all it takes to invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Funds.

Sun Life Asset Management presents 2019 Market Outlook and Bright Offerings

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