Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Arch. Kaydee Marie Velasco, the group CEO of VI Group of Companies where the award winning real estate company KMV Asia Development Corp is under, was commended by Secretary Panelo for her contributions as an advocate for green architecture and for her brilliant ideas in solving the problems especially in urban planning. 

Last February 7, 2021, The dashing and always witty Secretary Salvador Panelo discussed in his radio program under RTVM the need for urban planning and mentioned Arch. Kaydee Marie Velasco, the award winning and young protege of Arch. Felino “Jun” Palafox who is the respected and premier urban planner of our generation. 

Here’s the transcript of Secretary Salvador Panelo’s talk during his program. 

“Sayang etong si Arch. Palafox at hindi naimplement... Meron syang isang protege na kilala natin, etong si Arch. Kaydee Velasco, naku puring puri ni Secretary Del Rosario at yung isa pang ahensya Ng gobyero magaling daw ang utak Kung Ano Ano raw binibigay sa kanilang ideya tungkol sa city planning, pagtatayo Ng mga bahay, pagtatayo Ng mga green at kung Ano Ano pa. Sabi ko e gamitin nyo yan at magaling yan at protege ni Arch. Palafox..kase naman pag may naririnig tayo na magaling e kunin agad natin kase yang mga yan e binigyan ng mga gift na tinatawag.” 

Architect Kaydee Velasco is a young thought leader on sustainability in real estate and development. Under her group is KMVAsia, specialists on pocket developments in the Metro. She specializes in creating thoughtful, strategic, and expert solutions for a multitude of urban industries including construction, architecture, and design - creating a diverse, learned assessment on real estate. 

For more details; visit https://kmv-asia.com.

Let's Hear Some Brilliant Ideas on National Development from Arch. Kaydee Velasco

Monday, February 1, 2021

At the recent Real Estate and Property Awards; KMV Asia Development Corporation recently won the Best Real Estate Development and Management Company in the Philippines. 

Awarded the prestigious honor after only a few years from its inception in 2016, the company is gaining recognition for being one of the most innovative and energy-efficient architecture firms in the country today. 

Leading the company is Architect Kaydee Velasco or KMV who built the company with the dream of designing more sustainable, eco-friendly homes and buildings.

Congratulations to the people behind KMV Asia! To know more about their company and products; please visit their website at https://kmv-asia.com/.

Real Estate and Property Awards 2020: KMV Asia Development Corporation recently won the Best Real Estate Development and Management Company in the Philippines

Thursday, January 21, 2021

"Winning the award for three straight years is a testament to SYKES’ passion, commitment to excellence, and solid teamwork to serve our clients, customers, employees, and community. Although 2020 has not been an easy year for everyone, we have not lost sight of our purpose. We endeavored to beat the odds and continue to operate our business thriving under the new normal. We appreciate that international business awards such as Asia Leaders Awards recognized our hard work in staying true to our mission of helping and serving people one caring interaction at a time,” said Shane Baetz, Vice President Regional Support Services, APAC operations.

Award-winning call center SYKES was once again recognized as the BPO Company of the Year by the Asia Leaders Awards. The company was awarded for its exemplary commitment to driving and improving the local business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, while still going above and beyond expectations with its pandemic response.

“Recognizing global excellence among its awardees, the Asia Leaders Awards annually acknowledges industry leaders who are making significant changes not only in their respective fields, but also promoting the Philippines as a premier business hub in Asia and beyond. Its awards committee is made up of esteemed organizations and accomplished individuals from different industries.

The BPO Company of the Year award is given to the organization that best demonstrates outstanding BPO management, work culture and environment, and consistent pursuit of excellence and value. SYKES continues to be an industry frontrunner in this regard, having showcased all these qualities and achievements, on top of delivering solutions amid the challenges of the pandemic.

With limited time and resources, the company was able to adjust its business model and quickly adopted an effective work-from-home setup, which has enabled 75-100% of its entire workforce to work remotely. In doing so, it deployed thousands of PC sets, complete with accessories and office chairs, and provided WiFi allowance to those who are amenable to the setup. Meanwhile, for those who still reported on-site, SYKES offered free temporary accommodations with shuttle services and food provisions. It has also increased sanitary and physical distancing measures within the office premises and provided all employees with a care package consisting of a face mask, face shield, and alcohol or hand sanitizer. 

Displaying resilience, courage, and an indomitable spirit, SYKES has ensured uninterrupted business operations throughout the entire year and was even able to expand its workforce, employing thousands of displaced Filipino workers. Its business continuity plan was carried out successfully because of the teamwork, agility, and laser-like focus of leaders and team members alike.

SYKES also bagged the prestigious award due to its high-performance workplace that fosters employee engagement and continuous improvement through staff motivation, training, and coaching and development. A significant component of its employee-engagement effort is its SYKES Choices (for Manila sites) and Involve (for Cebu sites) programs. Comprised of 20 interest clubs, the programs hold several activities wherein SYKESers can showcase their talents and hobbies while having fun and developing bonds with coworkers. In the time of the pandemic, these clubs served as an avenue for the employees to pursue their passions and achieve work-life balance.

Furthermore, the BPO industry pioneer’s long-established skill development programs such as the SYKES ALPHA (Accelerated Leadership Program for High Achievers) and the Career Selfie help SYKESers unlock their full potential and empower them towards career growth. This year, despite having to work separately, SYKES was able to achieve great success and maintain activities under these programs to ensure that employees still gain professional progress.

With its excellence in the face of disruption, SYKES was also recognized by various award-giving bodies across different categories in the past year. It won two trophies from the Stevie Awards, namely a Silver Stevie for the Most Innovative Work-From-Home Plan and a Bronze Stevie for the Most Innovative Workplace Redesign. SYKES was also hailed as the Top Employer of the Year by the Asia CEO Awards.

2020 truly was a year unlike any other, but the BPO company is proud to have risen above every challenge while nurturing the development of its people, clients, and community.

“SYKES is very grateful for the different industry recognitions that we have received. We carry them with pride and gratitude together with our close to 18,000-strong employees in the country. As we grow our family here in the Philippines, we believe that these recognitions speak for the culture of our organization where each member is given an incredible opportunity to work, learn, and grow,” said Baetz.

Multi-awarded by local and international business awards every year, SYKES has established its position as a frontrunner of the BPO industry. It has earned its reputation by ensuring that its people are always prioritized to meet the needs and expectations of its clients. More information about SYKES and how to join its growing workforce is available at <sykes.com/philippines> and its official Facebook page at <fb.com/SYKESPHofficial>. Work, learn, and grow at SYKES!

SYKES recognized as the BPO Company of the Year by the 3rd Asia Leaders Awards

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented shift toward the virtualization of education. Catalyzed by the ongoing pandemic, educational institutions, teachers, students, and parents are forced to adapt to a new norm. 

Unfortunately, this change poses a big challenge for everyone. Many schools simply do not have the existing systems, infrastructure, expertise, time, and budget to transition towards online learning. The same can be said with parents and students who are already struggling financially.

Unifinity seeks to ease this transition by offering a fully functional and integrated “Virtual Academy” for schools, universities, training centers, and any other learning institutions. It is the first education management system powered by blockchain and smart contracts, making it one of the most advanced educational apps out in the market today. The Unifinity system is entirely web-based without the need to buy expensive software or run costly application servers, enabling schools to deploy their customized Virtual Academy within minutes.

With its minimalistic cost-saving approach, Parents and students will be happy to know that no additional equipment is required to use Unifinity’s Virtual Academy. It is 100% mobile device friendly, allowing them to use their existing smartphone to participate in the virtual classes. Virtual classrooms were carefully designed to give the students a simple yet useful user interface, minimizing the time required to learn the platform. To help defray the cost of online learning of students and provide an alternative source of funding Unifinity integrated a blockchain-enhanced performance rewards mechanism.

Ms. Veronica Andrino, the founder, and CEO at Unifinity calls this mechanism EdTech 2.0— Tokenization and Gamification of the Education System©. It is one of the many features of the platform that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts making them secure, irreversible, and immutable. This provides teachers a more accurate and efficient way to monitor students’ performance and subsequently reward them, keeping them interested and engaged. The smart contract automates the recording of scores and activities and distributes rewards based on the criteria set by the teacher.

Additionally, Unifinity offers blockchain-based identity verification and certificate issuance. It also offers a direct payment gateway that supports fiat and virtual currency conversions. With all these powerful features, combined with ease of use and superb after-sales support, it is strongly positioned to take the lion’s share of the remote learning market. Without a doubt, it is one of the most sophisticated online learning systems that has graced our pages for a very long time. 

Unifinity: Virtual Classroom Platform powered by Blockchain Technology

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Good news to the drivers everywhere! Advance and OWTO partnership was launched and OWTO drivers no longer have to wait to receive their earnings, thanks to a partnership between the TNVS platform and Advance.

The deal comes after a successful four-month pilot with Advance, who issued on-demand earnings services to OWTO's shuttle drivers while servicing a BPO giant,
OWTO drivers typically have to wait up to 45 days for their compensation to be released by the partner BPO, but many of them need to get paid on the day of service. This is what makes the partnership with Advance so ideal.

Each time a driver completes a trip for OWTO's partners, their earnings will be registered in OWTO's app and made available to withdraw anytime. This flexible payment scheme aims to help cover the drivers' needs between paychecks, which typically come every 30th of the month.

"OWTO's partnership with Advance is a formidable alliance that positions both companies to dominate their respective markets. We are very excited to work with Advance in creating opportunities, surpassing key targets & achieving common goals in service of a wider consumer base," said OWTO CEO Joel Gayod. "With OWTO's proven market resilience and Advance's core capabilities, there is no way but up."
On-demand earnings services will be extended to even more drivers under OWTO's shuttle service operations as they expand their footprint to other companies. This is a huge win for the thousands of drivers who now have the flexibility to access their earnings as needed.

"These drivers are part of our front liners in today's reality," said Addi Guevara, Advance Co-founder. "They make it possible for others to continue making a living during these uncertain times. Through Advance's salary on-demand service, we hope to make life a little easier for them as well."

About OWTO

OWTO is owned and operated by iPARA Technologies and Solutions, Inc., a Philippine-based company specializing in transport innovations. It promises a fairer and safer experience for both drivers and riders.

About Advance

Advance believes that life shouldn't revolve around payday. As the first and only on-demand wage access provider in the Philippines, they provide flexible financial services to Filipino workers through their employers and partners.
Advance aims to simplify finance to elevate lives, empowering Filipino workers to take control of their finances and establishing partner companies as advocates of worker wellbeing.

ADVANCE and OWTO Parnership Launch

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 Are you still travelling now and going to work even with pandemic? Trying to get vehicle like taxi that will be easy for you to go to your workplace? No need to worry, now let’s welcome OwtoPhl, a platform wherein drivers/partners sent in their concerns and inquiries wishing for a swift response that will help sustain their livelihood in this time of pandemic.

With this in mind, OWTO has made this three things that we want to experience in commuting possible. They are a new TNC or a RIDE SHARING Company which is made by Filipinos for Filipinos.

We want it fairly priced as we our struggling in balancing our budget as the life is becoming more difficult in this time of crisis.

As they are made by Filipinos, they know the struggles that we face especially in commuting. They have also made their rates lower than their competitors.

It is a venue wherein they give jobs through announcements and that is also widely used for customer service to the riders. They need our help in sending an appeal to Facebook about the restoration of their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/owtophl/.

You can download OWTO from Google Play and Apple App Store Visit their website for more details.

OWTO: New Ride Sharing Company in the Philippines

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

On the helm of being awarded as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award by the Filipina Women’s Network, CEO and Founding President of Faith in God Ruby Pacis Montalbo Professional and Technical Services Corporation (FIGRPMPTSC) Ruby Canteras Pacis, receives another coveted recognition as one of the 2018 Ambassadors Choice Excellence Awardee honored by the Asia Pacific Council, World Council for Excellence Award Ministry and the ACSR Humanitarian Service Ministry.

These award-governing bodies recognize exemplary practitioners who made significant contributions to their respective fields of expertise. It is divided into three major divisions, namely Asia-Pacific, World Council and lastly, the ACSR Humanitarian Servant Ministry Council.

Among the 300 nominations in the South & East Asia Pacific Region-Philippines, Pacis was also selected as one of the Top 25 recipients of the 2018 Most Outstanding Model Icon for Life Coach, as well as the Outstanding Asian Achiever Icon, Leadership Excellence Business Service Provider and Model Life Coach Practitioner.  Pacis was nominated by Asian Ambassador Dr. Sandy S. Montano.

“When I received the award, my initial reaction was I cried. Because this isn’t about popularity, it’s about how I recognize my Creator for giving me the chance to maximize my skills. It’s also a recognition of the things I’ve done in the past, which I did for the glory of the Lord.” says Pacis.
FIGRPMPTSC is an Independent subcontractor/contractor authorized and registered to provide Business Process Support and Services such as HR Services, Accounting Services, Process Audit Services, Messengerial Services, Hotel and Restaurant Management Services in various industries, Property Housekeeping and Rental Services, and Technical Support and Services.

 “This started as a single proprietorship company in 2003. I only had Php60,000 capital back then. From then on, I had no idea what happened next. It’s really the Lord who provided everything we needed. I just woke up one day and realized, ‘How did this happen? We have our own building and branches all over the country.’ If it’s not for the Lord, I couldn’t have done it by myself” Pacis adds.
FIGRPMPTSC currently holds office in Laguna, Pampanga, NCR and Cebu. It is its sole responsibility to comply with all existing as well as future laws, rules, and regulations pertinent to the employment of top caliber employees.
“Like many others, I faced a lot of challenges when we were just starting. I felt like I was in a bottle because doing a subcontracting business in the Philippines is not easy. I would say some of the players in this industry tend to take advantage of the opportunity to gain more from their employees. What I committed to the Lord is to make this company a cut above the rest and to be a company that will be righteous to its employees. I would say the biggest capitalization I have with FIG is my faith in God. With His will, I can do everything even though it seems impossible to the eyes of the people. I went through a lot of hardships but I would say a lot of these things were beyond my capacity. The Lord is our provider of strength.” says Pacis.
According to Dr. Rev. Bobby Misa Brimon, Chairman of the WCEA and ACS-HSM East Asia Region, it is through these virtues that their organization acknowledged Pacis; “Being an ambassador is about taking the lead in this nation and making herself available not only to her company but also to the people. We are giving this recognition not only for their accomplishments but also because they have their full heart in it. Of course, everybody deserves to be an ambassador with his/her own capacity because of the grace of the Lord.”

CEO and Founding President of Faith in God Ruby Pacis Montalbo Professional and Technical Services Corporation (FIGRPMPTSC) Ruby Canteras Pacis RECEIVES 2018 AMBASSADORS CHOICE EXCELLENCE AWARD

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