Saturday, August 1, 2015

4 Things I Like About Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015

Last July 26 is the Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 held at SMX Aura, Taguig where the biggest gathering of leaders for digital marketing was held and attended by top executives from different industries. 

I love Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 because:

1. It was attended by top executives and great leaders not just here in the Philippines but other respective companies in Asia like the following.

  • Adec Innovations
  • Air Asia Philippines 
  • Apag Marangle
  • Artstream Hospitality Management Group Inc
  • Asian Institute of Management
  • Azalea Residences
  • Blue Dynamics Inc
  • Bounty Fresh
  • Business Process Outsourcing International
  • Cafelo
  • Chalre AssociatesCommission On Election
  • Compos Mentis Inc.
  • Creative Voices Production
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • DigiMoz 
  • Digital Club Filipino
  • Elabram Systems Group
  • EmLogis
  • ESCO Corp 
  • Forward Direct Selling Company 
  • Globe GCash
  • Helix Technologies
  • Hotel La Corona De Lipa
  • Infotxt
  • Mediacom
  • Megaworld 
  • MyDocNow
  • NGCP 
  • NWSteel Tehnologies
  • One Lightning Corporation
  • Orchid Cybertech
  • Paradigm Global
  • Philippine Software Industry Association
  • PMCM Events Management
  • Santuario Divino Memorial Resort
  • San Miguel Corporation
  • Subic Travelers Hotel
  • Summit Media
  • Sunlife of Canada
  • Tech One Global Phils, Inc.
  • Tree Top Adventure Inc
  • Twitter
  • Victoria Court
  • Viber
  • Xremo
  • Xyxon Pte. Ltd
  • Zalora
  • Zoomanity Group

2. Prestigious speakers and moderators are spotted in this successful event. 

Sec. Mario Montejo - Secretary of Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

Sec. Montejo talked about e-Rural Economy and how it brings Business Opportunities to the Countryside
 Keynote Speaker for #AdME is Mr. Xavier Marzan, CEO and President of Globe G-Cash
Mr. Constantin Robertz, Managing Director of Zalora

Dr. Donald Lim, Chief Digital Officer of  ABS-CBN

Ms. Tina Pang - Head of Online Sales, Twitter

Mr. Kristian Melquiades - General Manager of Viber

Mr. Earl Valencia- Head of Corporate Development / Innovation, Smart Communications

Mr. Mikel Yaw - Managing Director, Elabram Systems Group (ESG)

Mr. Lewis Hong- Web Digital Marketing Specialist, Xyxon Pte. Ltd.

Mr. Jonathan De Luzuriaga - President, Philippine Software Industry Association

Mr. Chinkee Tan - Motivational Speaker, Book Author, Radio Host

Ms. Janette Toral – E Commerce Advocate, Digital Club Filipino

Ms. Rebecca Bustamante -President & CEO, Chalre Associates

Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzalez – CEO, Creative Voices Productions

Mr. James Jimenez - Director and Spokesman, Philippines Commission On Election (COMELEC)

Kim Bernardo Lokin - Managing Editor, Business + Class Magazine

Mr. Robert Yupangco – President, Yupangco Group of Companies

3. Attendees in the said event learned a lot about MicroMultinational e-Commerce connecting SME's to ASEAN and beyond. They talked also about if the Philippines ready to be a Cashless society. 

There are insights also about being an entrepreneur, starting your own business and what are the trends in technology right now.

Event like this is great and hard to find. With the speakers in this event; the knowledge they have and experiences that boost each and everyone to be a responsible individual. Not just in a regular day where products and services for transactions are meant for regular payment but ready for an e-commerce country and accepting cashless payment.

Technology is improving not just for payment purposes but almost every products or services that we have now are high tech.

4. Not just about learning and gain knowledge from our speakers are present here but prizes too! Congratulations to all the winners!

Congratulation to my co-blogger and friend Ace Paragoyo for winning the Grand Prize from Air Asia - Free International Trip on his choice

To all the Sponsors and Exhibitors who are present in this event, thank you so much.

  • Air Asia Philippines
  •  Apag Marangle
  • Aquabest
  • Azalea Residences
  • Bounty Fresh
  • Cafelo
  • DOST
  • KC's Catering
  • Globe G-Cash
  • Got it all Marketing
  • Hattendo
  • Infotxt
  • Mernels Cake
  • Netplay Inc  
  • PMCM Events Management 
  • Tree Top Adventure Inc.
  • Zoomanity Group

Thank you so much to all the people who are there to help and make this event successful.


Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 (#AdME) is presented / organized by TAG Media & Public Relations. 

For more details, kindly check & for partnership / sponsorship to the next events, please contact the organizer at 09166299381 or at

About the Author

Dianne Salonga

Author & Editor

A barefoot marathoner who loves to cook, loves to travel and chocolate maker. Web content writer and blogger as her hobby. Customer Service Representative by profession and licensed insurance advisor.


  1. Great event! Philippines always have events and seminars, i wish i could attend the next Adobe seminar

  2. Awesome event for digital marketing, biggest gathering of leaders in the Philippines indeed!

  3. wow! This event is filled with outstanding names from business/marketing industry! I'm sure it was a great one.

  4. wow , i missed this.. what a great opportunity to hear some notes from these speakers...

  5. What are your favorite takeaways or lessons learned from the event? It's nice to know that a lot of reputable speakers were there, but what did you get from each one?

  6. Wow, it's so nice to have an attend where all great leaders of tech companies gather together and share insights. It will be great if someone would write a book or article to document the lessons imparted.

  7. An event like this is well prepared. Everything is set in order. Resource speakers are not just spotted as you made mentioned they're actually invited and involved to make things happen.

  8. Such a great event for big household of digital marketing in the Philippines. It will be great avenue to hear insights from the tech experts.

  9. So sure, sulit ang ibinayad mo .. The knowledge you attained is a long time investment. Sad nga I missed the event.

    1. Super sulit ;) Talks from this guys ... perfect. Di sayang ang bayad.

  10. I would love to attend event like this. Great speakers and you will surely learn something

  11. I agree with Papaleng, the fee is really worth it since it has numerous and great speakers. I just didn't had the chance to attend it. I hope I can attend in the next. :)

  12. I'd like to attend events like these but my shifting schedule at work hinders me. - KarenT

  13. It's great to hear from the best leaders in the industry. Nakaka-inspire!

  14. Asia Digital is something to watch for..hope I can attend their next gig and hoping they will choose Davao for their next venue.

  15. Wow, I say that is such a prestigious event. It's great to hear and be inspired by our great leaders. :)

  16. The line up of the expo is impressive. You'll really learn a lot from them.

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