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Meet the Woman in the Asia Leaders Awards 2021

“I’m from the province (Laguna) who moved to the big city, for years of staying in the US and roaming in Wall Street and Broadway, I told myself that it’s all about campaigns and good branding and that’s why we have Tag Media Group, we like to disseminate the information fast and to promote the leaders to be emulated. It’s all about inspiration. To be at Asia Leaders Awards is the highest honour especially with these leaders with me. As they say, surround yourself with good people. Helping out is natural for us, it’s being human and with Asia Leaders Awards, promoting these leaders in the world and what they do and accomplished are part of promoting the talent and strength of the Philippines.” - Grace Bondad Nicolas 

Asia Leaders Awards (ALA), the largest in the Asia Pacific will continue to acknowledge these companies and leaders. Thanks to the awards committee who in spite of all their busy schedule and own challenges are still here to support. 

There are 13 high-profile and empowered individuals as part of the awards committee but there’s only one woman in the pack who represents the American Association of the Philippines that caught the attention of many though in so many organizations she’s with, always standing tall. 

This year Asia Leaders Awards is all about hope and optimism. Showing how these leaders are reaching out to others to give back and at the same time bouncing back big time not just for their own organizations but for the community. Though ever since this global health pandemic, they were already there helping out. A slow clap from everyone for continuing what they started amidst this chaos worldwide. 

Meet Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, the President of Asia Leaders Awards and leading different organizations as part of its top management team and in charge for ALAs campaigns since she’s the co-founder of Tag Media Group, one of the leading marketing, advertising, public relations, and consultancy in the Philippines. 

For this year, it’s about the nation in unity. Here are the complete awards committee; 

• H.E. Gerard Ho - Ambassador of Singapore 

• H.E. Jaroslaw Szczepankiewicz - Ambassador of Poland 

• H.E. DongMan Han - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea 

• H.E. Rizany Irwan  - Deputy Ambassador of Malaysia 

• Ebb Hinchliffe - Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce 

• Ricardo Sobreviñas  - Chairman, American Association of the Philippines 

• Grace Bondad Nicolas - Vice President, American Association of the Philippines 

• Dr. Elton See Tan - President, BNI Premier 

• Robert Laurel Yupangco - Vice President, Philippine Korean Chamber 

• Andrew Troy Nicolas  - Group CEO, Tag Media Group 

• Edward Ling - President, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Inc.

• Tan Yu III - Secretary-General, Makati Tourism Foundation Inc  

• James Jimenez  - Spokesman/Director, Commission of Elections 

A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting. Our theme for this year is coinciding with the colors of the year; Yellow and Gray. Two independent colors highlight how different elements come together to support one another. What we all need right now. Support and Unity. 

The announcement of finalists will be on May 20, 2021 with the presentation of the whole awards committee and Gala night will be on 11-11-21. 

To nominate; please visit their website at www.Asialeadersawards.Asia.

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